Knox Raiders VJBL Boys Coaches

Knox Raiders VJBL Boys Coaches

18, October 2021

The Knox Raiders are excited to announce their boys coaches for the upcoming VJBL season. 

Knox Basketball Director of Basketball Operations is happy with the group of leaders in place.

"This season we have a great balance of experienced and developing coaches," said Ingham.

"I'm looking forward to working with the group and developing our players to reach their maximum potential."

Under 12

  • Michael Viney (12.1 Head Coach)
  • Liam Hanafin (12.1 Assistant Coach)
  • Simon Duckworth
  • Meaghan Whitford
  • Keith Baker
  • Duncan Hirst

Under 14

  • Michelle Letts (14.1 Head Coach)
  • Jason Sutherland (14.1 Assistant Coach)
  • Kaleb Foster
  • Kerryn Westcott
  • Ray Waller
  • Theodore Raja

Under 16

  • Hayden Morris (16.1 Head Coach)
  • Paul Borg (16.1 Assistant Coach)
  • Fhervie Mangalino
  • Anthony Fricke
  • Matt Patterson
  • Luke Yeatman

Under 18

  • Tim Rapp (18.1 Head Coach)
  • Shane Roche
  • Perry Robinson

Under 20

  • Danny Leonard

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